Training Akitas – A Few Do’s and Dont’s

The Akita is a breed that originates in Japan and has since circulated around the world. This dog is in high demand because of its traits and its long history. Genetically speaking, the Akita is one of the most ancient of dog breeds in the world.

The Akita has a long and storied past and at a point was on the brink of extinction. Originally bred in ancient Japan, it was first used to hunt down dogs. A pair of Akitas was used to attack bears as a trained eagle flew overhead to distract the bear. Aside from hunting they were also used to guard the emperor’s children, at times leaving the children alone with the dogs as though the dogs were the babysitter.

Akita’s are known to have an undesirable temperament. They are said to be temperamental and destructive. Although there are cases that the Akita can be destructive, Akita’s are well known to be quiet dogs that are loyal to the masters. These dogs however need a lot of care. An Akita is very loyal to its master once it has bonded with his master and his family. It would go to the point of protecting you and your family once it has sensed that there is impending danger ahead.

Akita puppies need to be trained early to avoid undesirable behavior. Training at a young age to be social and comfortable around people could go a long way to make sure that they are comfortable around strangers.

It is important to let your puppy know what his or her boundaries are. Some thing that you do with you Akita puppy might be cute and fun as a puppy, but when he grows up it can be difficult. Remember that an Akita can grow up to 120 lbs. That weight can be significant especially for a muscular dog like the Akita.

An Akita is a working dog and it is important to understand that they are most happy when there is a task to do. Working dogs need to feel as though they are busy. It could be as simple as accompanying you on your run or guarding the yard, but these activities help your Akita to feel less anxious and more loved.

Simple things like letting your dogs sleep on the bed or playing tug or war with him or her can set back the training that you already placed foundations on. The simple act of letting your Akita sleep right next to you may seem like it is just affection, but in fact you are putting yourself at an equal level as your dog. He or she can see this as a sign of weakness and cause your dog to not respect and obey you.

Play has to be thought of thoroughly. Games like tug of war when learned at an early age can bring you a lot of trouble because when he carries this to adulthood then it could be hard, especially when your Akita grows to be 120 lbs or more.

Source by Steve E Peters

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