The Origins of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier of today is slightly smaller than its predecessor that lived a famous live of a hunting dog, the rat killer was just over seventeen pounds and bred for the kill. While today’s Yorkie is merely 8 pounds and just right to sit on your lap and make a noise when there is someone at the door!

When it became obsessions to have dogs as house pets the industry basically demanded for small lap dogs. This is how the Yorkshire terrier got transformed from a working dog to a lovely house pet loved across the word. The Yorkshire terrier was soon to become of the most expensive house dogs in the pet industry. With the great success of the small dog a new obsession immerge to breed the dog smaller and smaller were you can buy today a teacup Yorkies. These dogs are roughly two and half pounds and barely get bigger than seven pounds.

Breeding these small Yorkies is skill and very price, to breed a healthy teacup Yorkie takes time and allot of love for these animals. There is breeders that will breed these size dogs just for the capital gains and have no love for these dogs. I will advise you to get to know the breeder personally before you purchase any Yorkshire terrier.

Yorkies are very special dogs and need allot of love, always take good care of any animal and help protect these creatures as they will protect you and some ways. Yorkshire terriers are the best companions you can get. If by any chance that you know people are abusing their animals make a stand and fight for their rights. When you planning to buy a Yorkie make sure the breeder is a licence breeder and they take good care of their animals. If you find Yorkies for sale please give it a good home!

Source by Wynand Truter

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