Meet The Triangular-Eyed Bull Terrier

Yes, I said triangular eyes…The Bull Terrier is the only breed that is recognized to have triangular eyes. Not the shape of the eyeball, but the shape of the eye…just like we would say a person has “almond-shaped” eyes. Bull terriers often get a bad wrap, so to speak, as they are often mistakenly equated with the American Pit Bull Terriers…They are not Pit Bulls, they are Bull terriers. They are not directly related, but do come from the same ancestors.

The Bull Terrier was bred from 2 now extinct breeds: The Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. They were affectionately referred to as the “Bull and Terrier”. The breed then split into 2 branches – the pure white Bull Terrier and the colored varieties. Bull terriers are especially known for their egg-shaped head, with a Roman muzzle, and their triangular eyes, as mentioned earlier. They are thickly set and muscular with short, dense coats.

The “accepted colors” for showing are white, any color other than white, or a combination of white and any other color. There is also a miniature of this breed, the Miniature Bull Terrier.

Always said to have the attitude of a “clown”, they play hard and are very intelligent. Bulls are very extroverted and love their humans! Their mind and body must be exercised regularly and they are not recommended for 1st time dog owners. However, they are good dogs to have around children, as they have a high pain tolerance and this drastically reduces the chance of a defensive wound to a child. They are great guard dogs, especially guarding children in their “doggie care”.

Punk Dog Bull Terrier Spuds Mackenzie? Black Wood-Mounted Art Poster Print – 16Their outgoing and clownish nature has made then instant celebrities themselves…Remember Spuds MacKenzie (for those of us, who grew up in the 80s)? The Target mascot? That’s just to name a few…

The Bull Terrier dog…What a fun terrier breed!

Love your terrier!

Source by Kimberly Turner

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