How to Pick Winning Dogs at Derby Lane

First of all, if you’re a longshot player, don’t expect to get rich at Derby Lane. The ratio of longshots to favorites coming in there is pretty small. However, if you like high grade dogs who run consistently, then Derby Lane is the place for you.

There’s big money at this St. Petersburg Florida track, too. It handles more money than any other greyhound track in the country, although Wheeling is catching up. If you like to bet trifectas, you’ll find some good payouts here. Perfectas are a good bet too, because they pay more than quinielas and are almost as easy to pick.

So, how do you make money if the dogs are so good and so consistent? Well, for one thing, don’t bet against the superstars at Derby Lane, because it’s a losing proposition. If you want to bet the top grade races, bet the favorite with another dog you like in quinielas, perfectas or trifecta key bets.

My favorite grades at Derby Lane are the mid grade and M races. I handicap the mid grade races with my usual approach of graded greyhound handicapping. The secret here is paying attention to early speed. Dogs that can get to the first turn first at Derby Lane very often cross the finish line first, also.

For puppies in M, I use techniques that work on M races at better tracks, which I’ve mentioned before. Look for outstanding puppies here, because trainers from all over the country send the “pick of their litters” here. If you can catch them before the crowd realizes how good they are, you can make a profit.

If you want to see the best dog racing in the country, head for Derby Lane or catch a simulcast of it at your local track.

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