Another Tip to Make Article Writing Quick and Easy

There is absolutely no doubt about the positive impact good article writing can have on your Internet marketing success. Whether you create articles for article marketing, web content, or some other reason, writing speed is critical. Yet what happens when you run out of ideas? How can you keep creating new and unique information filled articles? One of the easiest ways to keep the ideas flowing is to stay with a topic, but to drill down deeper and deeper into the subject. In this article I present another tip to make your writing quick and easy.

If you are just starting your article writing efforts consider creating articles presenting 3 to 5 good pieces of information on your chosen subject. For example, if you have a website that focuses on dogs and you use article marketing as one of your strategies, you might write an article about the ‘4 Most Popular Dog Breeds’ as article number one. From this single article you will be able to create many additional article topics. Each topic will be on a subject related to your initial article, so the research required will be minimal indeed.

With the first article created you can now start drilling down deeper. Create 4 new articles about the popular breeds covered in your first article; one article per breed. Your new titles might include ‘5 reasons xxxx are one of the most popular dog breeds’ today. In this group of 4 articles your 5 reasons would vary to some degree. All of a sudden you have the ideas for a whole new set of articles.

Once again your article topics are defined; one article about each of these key messages about reasons for being the most popular breeds. Since there are likely more than 5 reasons across all of the breeds there will be more than 5 article topics. Just keep drilling down and you have the potential for many, many articles all from one starting article titled ‘4 Most Popular Dog Breeds’.

Following this quick and easy article writing tactic means you will virtually never run out of great ideas for your article marketing effort. You’ll have topics waiting in the wings each time a new article is complete. The next time you hit a roadblock, give this a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as the next topic appears without a lot of thought and worry.

To your article marketing success!

Source by Bob Hamilton

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