4 Ways to Stop Dogs From Eating Poop – Learn How to Eliminate This Disgusting Habit!

There is a handful of ways to stop dogs from eating poop. However, it’s hard to recommend any one of them as the reasons for dogs eating poop are still a mystery to all dog breeders. There are commercial products available on the market that will help in overcoming this problem but it’s equally worth it to try for free one of the methods outlined below. Don’t freak out if none of them works (hardly possible) as this bad habit will likely disappear when your puppy reaches 12 months.

Stop Dogs From Eating Poop Step 1 – Get Rid Of The Poop

One of the easiest ways to stop dogs from eating poop is to collect all of the stools as soon as they appear. However, this method is not perfect as your dog might look for other animal’s fences while being outside, purely because it tastes him. In order to train your dog that poop is not the best meal out there you can add a bit of tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper, a strong smelling substances, to his and other animals fences that you find. You can also add some spinach, pumpkin or pineapple to his meals. It is said that these plants smell horribly after being digested and eliminated and easily repel dogs.

Stop Dogs From Eating Poop Step 2 – Make Your Pet Busy

Because dogs often get involved in this awful habit out of boredom a great way to stop dogs from eating poop is to make them occupied with something. The best way is to give your pet a chew toy called Kong. It can be stuffed with dog food or snacks and will force your dog to work really hard in order to get the treat out of it piece by piece. This way your dog becomes occupied and is not hungry anymore (one of the reasons for eating poop). You can also exercise your dog so that he becomes tired and prefers to sleep rather than look for other controversial forms of entertainment.

Stop Dogs From Eating Poop Step 3 – Provide Him With A Well-Balanced Diet

Your dog may also eat poop because he needs certain minerals and vitamins. This is due to the fact that the meals you feed him may not be well balanced. So if you want to prevent dogs from eating feces make sure to give your pet a suitable for him (puppy, adult or senior) kind of dry kibble which consists of all the nutritional elements your pet will ever need.

Stop Dogs From Eating Poop Step 4 – Eliminate The Stressful Stimuli

In order to stop dogs from eating stools we can also reduce the amount of stressful situations your dog has to go through as this may also be one of the reasons for him eating feces. You have to identify what’s causing the stress and fear and either reduce your dog’s exposure to it, try to eliminate it from your dog’s life or perform some desensitization exercises with your pet.

The last option seems to be the best one as it doesn’t require you to limit your dog’s freedom or spend money on things like soundproof windows etc. By slowly dosing small portions of a stressful stimulus we can accustom our pet to its presence. You can definitely prevent dogs from eating feces by using this method but it needs to be taught by a professional dog trainer or looked up in a dog training book.

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