The Attitude of a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most appealing of the small toy dog breeds. They are charming, intelligent and considering their size they are courageous and will defend their territory decisively against much larger dogs.

They are highly inquisitive in nature and extremely energetic. These affectionate dog breeds are brave, loyal and very clever. While they may be a small dog, they have the attitude and gusto of a much larger dog. Yorkshire Terriers are very social creatures that love to mingle and be a part of the action or centre of attention amongst the family. They may become suspicious or aggressive towards strangers and strange animals.

While they make lovely companions, it’s important that owners take the time to understand them and display control and leadership, as they can become quite domineering. Without firm command they can develop what is known as small dog syndrome and can take over the house. It’s so easy and quick to forget about correcting their behavior when they are so little, but with gentle leadership and the right training you can get them back on track and in the right pecking order. These lovable pups have long flowing hair of black, blue, tan or silver covering their delicate small legs and are very affectionate to all family members and preferably older children. This is due to their tiny frames as they tend get injured easily and may be a little snappy around younger children.

Yorkshire Terriers like a lot of human attention and some are even demanding of it or dependent on it. If they don’t get their own way their behavior can change to that of jealousy and become over protective or even neurotic if the owners cannot meet their pet’s needs. Although loving as these cute little pets are and because of their demanding temperament, you should still take your puppy to obedience training as they can become set in their ways and stubborn, plus it would be helpful for them to learn some basic commands like to come when called.

When thinking about introducing your Yorkshire Terrier to the family, take into consideration their attitude and temperament. All members of the family need to take their position above them by being firm and consistent when dealing with negative behavior, otherwise they will take over and dictate to you what they want you to do. If you cannot take a leading role with your pet then this dog isn’t for you.

Source by Lea Mullins

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