Five Interesting Facts About the French Mastiff

How much do you know about the French Mastiff?

1) Do you know, for instance, that is one of the biggest dogs – weighing as it does, an average of 150 pounds (about 75 kilograms)? This, by the way, is more than what many humans weigh. Additionally, the French mastiff typically grows to over 30 inches as measured over its shoulders, which makes it as tall as the average calf. This in turn makes the French mastiff a darling for people looking to get huge strong hounds, and quite a turn off for people looking to get ‘kitten-like’ small cuddly dogs.

2) Do you also know that the French-mastiff is allegedly a direct descendant of the famous (or infamous, depending on one’s perspective) war hounds, which the Roman armies that ruled much of the world in gone-by eras went to war with. This probably explains the fierceness that can characterize the French mastiff, especially when instructed by his master to ‘act.’

3) Do you know that the French-mastiff, at one point in time, faced extinction? Well, this was in the years following the French revolution, and it is only by luck that someone had the sense to protect this remarkable dog breed. As it were, before the French revolution, when France was ruled by ‘elite aristocrats,’ the French mastiff had become their choice hound; which served as the guard dog in the residences of these French elites. So when the revolution came (and it was quite violent), the French-mastiff dogs tried to fight for their masters – and many were killed by the revolutionaries who were hell-bend on ousting the elites. Indeed, so many of the dogs were killed that the breed faced certain extinction, and was only saved from that fate by one Raymond Triquet. Otherwise, they would be history now.

4) Do you know that the French mastiff, in addition to being physically strong, is also remarkably mentally strong? Well, in the French-mastiff, we have the perfect mix of brain and brawn, in a dog that in addition to being one of the biggest dog breeds, also doubles as one of the most intelligent hounds.

5) Do you also know that the French mastiff is a considerably high maintenance dog? Well if you are looking for a dog that you can really lavish your money on, then the French-mastiff is just the dog for you. This is a dog which, thanks to the short coat it has, you will have to brush at least weekly. It is also a dog which, if it is to be truly happy, you will have to wash on a bi-weekly basis. Due to the enormity of its head, when it comes to having it give birth, you may have to pay for a caesarian section operation. Yet the French mastiff is not just about costs and high maintenance. It doesn’t just take from you, it also gives back: in the form of intelligent company, as well as guarding services – it being the potentially fierce dog it is.

Source by Jamie Gram

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