Dalmatian Stud Fee

Once a female Dalmatian has become pregnant by him, he becomes a “proven stud” and the fee

rises accordingly for female dogs that follow.

The sire of championship quality Dalmatian puppies will bring a stud fee of at least the purchase price of one show puppy. Until at least one champion by your stud dog has finished, the fee will remain equal to the price of one pet puppy. When his list of champions starts to grow, so does the amount of the stud fee.

The Dalmatian stud fee and method of payment should be stated at this time. Decision should be reached on whether it is to be a full cash transaction at the time of the mating or a pick from the litter. If the owner of the stud dog must travel to meet the female, an additional charge will be made for time, tolls, and gasoline expenses.

It is worth making sure all these points are covered beforehand.

The stud fee usually includes board for the day of the female’s arrival through two days for breeding, with a day in between.

Another thing worth mentioning is that quite a few breeders require that your bitch has been hearing tested, and request to see a copy of the pedigree and a photograph.

Dog buyers are simply growing more savvy and are insisting on being given all the facts necessary to make informed decisions.

Including the Dalmatian is:-

*In the best of health and condition

*Worm free and current on all inoculations

*Baer-tested and Normal hearing Bilateral etc, etc

A good breeder must be aware of the genetic ramifications within the sire and dam’s pedigree.

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Source by Avrina Ware

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