Why Choose a Goldendoodle As Your Next Family Pet?

Why would someone choose a Goldendoodle over a pure-bred?

  • The most salient feature of the Goldendoodle is that they have the Golden Retriever’s desire to please, combined with the Standard Poodle’s intelligence. As a result, they quickly and happily learn what their owner desires of them.
  • With any cross-breed (including the Goldendoodle), you have the benefits of a more diverse gene pool, greatly reducing the chances that your dog will suffer from a recessive illness. With a designer cross-breed, this principle (called “hybrid vigour”) combined with the selection of healthy members of the parent breeds (Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles) produces the best of both worlds.
  • As a result, a mixed-breed such as the Goldendoodle is healthier than the average pure-bred dog. They are much less prone to the inherited weaknesses of either parent breed. Many of our customers have come to us for this reason, having experienced the heartbreak of losing a beloved purebred pet to cancer, hip dysplasia, or other inherited illness.

Isn’t a Goldendoodle just a mutt?

  • Of course not. A “mutt” is a term (whether used affectionately or pejoratively) referring to a dogs of mixed-breed heritage where the contributing breeds are unknown (or guessed at based on certain physical traits). Until the dog is grown, it remains unknown what size, look, or personality traits it has inherited. There is nothing wrong with a mutt, in fact we have had several rescue mutts in our home over the years..
  • You will hear others denounce various intentional cross-breeds as mutts, usually making the emotional and uninformed statement that intentionally producing mixed-breed puppies is “renegade”, claiming that the results are “unpredictable” or or “irresponsible” because there are many mutts available at the pound. These statements are obviously made by those who are uninformed about the goals of cross-breeding.
  • Some families (including us) adore their adopted mutts and enjoy the surprises that come with getting to know them. We fully support all families that are able to make a decision to adopt an orphan dog from the shelter. To do so is clearly a blessing to the dog, and in most cases a blessing for the family. We also understand that not all families are in a circumstance to adopt without a known background, as they cannot or choose not to take the risks associated with the unknown because they have small children, allergies, or a lifestyle that doesn’t allow for the time necessary to rehabilitate an animal with an unknown history.

Source by Billy Woody

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