Treat Your Boston Terrier Or Dog For Fleas and Ticks For Only a Couple of Dollars a Month

In the face of raising cost of everything of bread and milk to the fluctuations of gasoline saving dollars wherever you can is not only wise but also a true necessity. However you want to make sure that you get quality for your money or you will simply be wasting it on cheaper and often times inferior products. Remember grandma’s wise advice, “Buy nice or buy twice.”

Often times simply looking into the items we must buy on a regular basis and finding a way to make them last works best.

That is why I a breeder of Boston Terriers I strive to give my pets and puppies the very best at all times and in the area of flea and tick protection is no different.

I use the Frontline Plus and Advantage Spot On treatments on my dogs to keep them flea and tick free but let’s face it when you have more then a couple of dogs like I do it can really begin to add up.

The sensible solution? Split it up. With a couple of simple and easy to find supplies you can actually cut the cost of protecting your beloved dogs down from $15.00 to $18.00 a month to anywhere from $2.50 and $4.00 a month. Consider the savings. What would you do with an extra $150.00 to $168.00 a year? Now that calculation is for one dog now multiple that by two if you have two or even three? For three dogs the savings jumps anywhere from $450.00 to $504.00. The savings is beginning to look good, isn’t it?

This is what you will need….

The largest dose of the brand of flea and tick protection you wish to use on your dogs. You can either buy this product at your vet’s office where you will probably pay more, or you can order your spot on treatment on-line or buy a pet supply catalog. Remember get the largest dose. Advantage sells a spot on treatment for 55 pounds on up. Frontline sells a spot on treatment for 89 pounds on up.

An amber bottle or a small dark plastic bottle, preferably one that omega 3 capsules came in or something of the sort that can be closed tightly and keep out light.

A syringe with a needle. Preferably 3 cc’s or higher.

If you know a diabetic patient or a junkie (just kidding about the junkie part) or you can even ask your vet for one then this is what you will need to draw the spot on treatment out of the container and measure it for application on your pet, but you will have to remove the needle of course. But remember to keep the cap to the needle for safe storage.

Here’s what you need to do….

1. Weigh your pet. This is important so you will know how much of the spot on treatment to apply. Say your dog weighs 20 pounds and the dose for Frontline Plus is 0.67 ml, which is the same as a cc. So on your syringe with the needle still attached at this point you will draw out almost 7/10 ths of a cc. Each cc is measured in 10 parts and it’s all written on the syringe. It may sound hard or scary to some people but it’s not. If your dog weighs 1.34 ml or 1 cc and about 3/10ths of a cc. See how easy this is? If you need to write it down then do. You can even write the dose on a white sticker and stick it on the container for your spot on treatment.

2. First of all get your spot on treatment. In a well ventilated area open it up and pour it into the clean, dry and empty small amber bottle or dark plastic bottle.

3. Take your syringe and draw out the deserved amount for your dog according to his or her weight. And carefully remove the syringe after you carefully cap it. Then apply the spot on treatment according to the directions on the package to your dog.

And…. you’re done!!!

It may take you and extra minute or two but hey it is worth it. Afterwards you can clean the needle off by rubbing it lightly against a little alcohol on a cotton ball.

If money isn’t any issue for you then simply not having to go and buy more spot on treatment so often. Not only will you save money but you will save gasoline in the way of trips to your vet if you are buying your spot on treatment from him or her.

If you need the little amber bottle and a syringe and your first large dose of spot on treatment then do a product search on eBay for Frontline Plus flea and tick or Advantage flea and tick. You’ll get set up with your first dose and syringe and amber bottle or container and directions. Thereafter you can simply order the largest dose pack and do well on your own.

Source by Judy Eckhoff

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