The Place to Buy Labrador Puppies

If you have decided that you want to get a Labrador puppy, the next thing you are going to have to do is find a place that has Labrador puppies on sale. This isn’t always as easy as you might first think. There are three main colors of Labrador: the traditional yellow Labrador, the chocolate Labrador and the black Labrador. Not all breeders will have all colors as this obviously depends on the parents. There are some breeders who will for example only ever breed yellow Labradors, so both parents and all generations before will have baeen yellow. There are other breeders however, that are good reputable breeders that do have a mix of colors so you can take your pick.

You then need to decide whether you are looking for a bitch or a dog, and this again is up to you. There are merits for both. Male dogs will generally grow bigger and have a more stocky appearance than the bitches, but bitches can go to seed and get fat around the belly as they get older and can be harder to keep in shape than the male dog.

Consider whether you are going to want to use your puppy for breeding. A male stud dog can fetch good money but he will need to be kept in tip top condition. You will have a lot less work that the owners of the bitch, but you will have a ‘full’ dog as you will not be able to have him castrated. This potentially can make him more dominant and aggressive, especially if he smells a bitch in season when you will need to keep him in close control.

The best Labrador puppies sale may well be different for different people, but above all else you must be able to see the mother with her puppies. It is not good if you cannot see her. The father being absent is common as lots of people buy in the stud service, but they should be able to provide you with papers for his pedigree and will normally have at least one photo of him to show. The mother and the pups should be together when you first see them. However, it is best to let the breeder pick the pup up that you want to look at as the mother doesn’t know you and could get defensive. The puppies should seem lively and interested in the world, and no doubt will mouth and chew at you as this is how they investigate their new surroundings. The pen they are in should be warm, damp free and smell clean within reason, as some people will use a shed or other animal pen in a yard but will still have healthy well looked after puppies. The puppies should be well handled so shouldn’t be worried by you picking them up. By all means let your children hold them, but make sure they are sitting down if they are not big enough to safely hold pup without dropping him, as that really isn’t fair on him.

Source by Tim J. Williams

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