The Best Place to Buy Chocolate Lab Puppies

Yellow is still the most common color for the Labrador dog; however, they are also available as pedigree dogs in both black and chocolate. The chocolate Labrador is really quite an appealing dog in its own right, and you will find an excellent range of chocolate Lab puppies for sale. As with any dog purchase, you do need to take the time to look for a reputable breeder and make sure that the dog you choose is a healthy, happy puppy that isn’t going to suffer from any health problems.

Chocolate Labradors have a really lovely coloring and make excellent family pets as they have the same reliable temperament as any other Labrador, but they are possibly the least common so you will also have a more unusual pet than some. Chocolate Lab puppies for sale need to be looked at in the same way as any other puppy offered for sale. You should be invited to look at the puppies in the breeder’s home, and there shouldn’t be any time pressure. The pups should be penned with their mother, but the mother should be able to get out of the pen when she needs space and a bit of a break. The puppies shouldn’t be able to get out of the pen, but should be lively and interested at this new visitor to their home. How you choose a puppy is up to you. Ask the breeder to point out which puppies are still for sale and have a good look at them. Some people are not bothered whether they have a dog or a bitch. Some people have a fixed idea. There is little difference really if you want a family pet that will not be used as part of further breeding.

A male puppy is easier in terms of the severity of surgery to be castrated. A bitch has to undergo a full surgical operation and will need more time to recover, whereas a dog is in and out a lot quicker. The cost also reflects this. A male dog will normally end up taller and stockier than a female dog, so it depends on which look you prefer; chunky or dainty. A puppy should not be worried when you pick it up as they all should have been well handled by the breeder and even better if they have met children before. If the mother is still in the pen then let the breeder pick up the puppy in case she gets defensive of a stranger handling her babies. A healthy puppy will wriggle and be interested in you, and it is common for the brightest and most interactive puppy to get sold first. If the rest of the litter is happy and healthy a slightly quieter pup may just be having an off day, may be tired, or just a little unsure of strangers. Chewing is common. This isn’t a sign of a bad puppy; this is just how they investigate their surroundings. Just gently take your hand out of their mouth!

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