Selling Information Products Using Yahoo Answers to Make Money Online

If you’ve been selling information products or even learning about internet marketing for very long, you’ve may have heard people talking about how they used Yahoo Answers to make money. Typically this involves them going on and answering people’s questions and either pointing towards their sales link as a solution, or else giving free information and including the sales link after their answer or in their profile.

That’s a perfectly acceptable way to make money, and lots of people do it. But that’s not the only way Yahoo Answers can help you make money online. In fact, you can use this service to make money without ever answering a single question, or even signing up!

Keep in mind for a minute that a lot of what people buy online is solutions to their problems. In fact, this is exactly what they’re paying for when they buy information products. They’re not shelling out thirty or forty or two hundred dollars just to have information. They’re paying you the big bucks because they have problems that they want solved!

When it comes down to it, you’re not actually selling information at all. You’re selling a solution that the information product will provide to your buyer.

And that’s where Yahoo Answers comes in. This service is great because you can see exactly what is troubling people in pretty much any niche. You know the questions they’re asking, and this means you know what problems they want solved. And when you can solve people’s problems online, you’re going to make money online.

One of the best things about Yahoo Answers is that it’s timely. It’s what people are looking for right now. No need to go into Wordtracker and see what people have been looking for the past three months. Yahoo will show you what people want to know about right now!

People’s questions can make good headlines. You don’t have to be number one on the first page of Google to get the majority of traffic. A good headline will beat a higher ranking on a page almost every time. Interesting, human-sounding titles catch buyers’ attention more than SEO.

After all, which would you be more likely to click on? Spot number one that reads, “Dog Vomit”, or spot number five that reads, “Why Is My Puppy Throwing up and What Can I Do about It?”

(Okay, you probably wouldn’t click on either one. But if you had a sick puppy, you’d probably click on spot five, and be very likely to buy anything that promised you a quick solution, or some kind of control over the situation. Like, say, an information product…)

So pay attention to what people are asking. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling someone else’s product, creating your own, or you already have your own. Pay attention to what people are asking and you’ll know what kinds of articles to write, if that’s how you market. You’ll know what kinds of headlines to put on your articles, what kinds of titles for your blog posts, and what kinds of ads to try out in AdWords.

Most importantly, you’ll know what problems people want solved, and what they’re asking to try and solve those problems. can build upon the same strategies to stay there.

Selling information products using Yahoo Answers is as targeted as you can get and will increase your conversions.

Source by Anthony Medina

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