Ragdoll Kittens – What Makes Them Loveable

When you’re looking for a long-term housecat, the Ragdoll cat breed often occupies the top spot of the list. Born white, Ragdoll kittens are becoming a favorite among homeowners and pet lovers. They show their true colors after they are a week old or so. Then it takes about another two years or more before the full color of the cat will show.

They also have physical similarities as that of Siamese cats around the eyes and face area because they are pointed cats. However, they are not related to the Siamese, although are often mistaken for them. Ragdoll cats also have fur almost like that of Persian cats. They mature within 4 to 5 years and as they grow older, you’ll discover that they possess several traits that make them endearing.

First of all, Ragdolls can learn to adapt to their environment. If you have a small home or a large house, your Ragdoll kitten can learn to get used to the space you provide. To add, some cat breeds cannot tolerate living with other animals or even with other cats whereas Ragdolls can be good companions to dogs, birds or other pets that you may already have in your home. They are also not one to start fights with other animals because they tend to be serene by nature.

Another quality that makes Ragdoll kittens ideal for any home or household is that they are peace-loving felines. They often age to have a calm temperament and with a quiet disposition. They like to lie around and relax with their owner especially during times you want to chill out and simply take a break too.

Finally, Ragdoll kittens have also been known to be great companions to children. They are a family-friendly breed that emulates similar characteristics of a dog and are therefore often referred to as “puppy cats”. They are affectionate, loyal and smart. You can teach them tricks but due to their trusting nature, you have to keep an eye out for them because they can be easily taken by strangers. They are playful and energetic too. They make noises but they are not too loud to be considered a nuisance.

These are only some of the fine qualities of Ragdoll kittens. Each has its own unique personality that can make you love them even more as they grow older. And if you’re wondering why Ragdolls are likened to Raggedy Ann dolls, it’s because this special breed of cats are known for going limp when held or picked up and much like the dolls and they are just as loveable to have around.

Source by Jennifer W Dean

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