Extra Large Dog Houses For a St Bernard

The working rescue dog from the Swiss Alps also had jobs in security, herding and the hunting sector as well. Very versatile for a dog that is an extra large breed, the St. Bernard will stand approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and a full grown male can weigh from 160 to 250 pounds! So the breed has not only been famous throughout history for their ability to serve as rescue dogs but their size makes them notorious in tales of rescue as well. With their broad chests, thick necks and large heads these puppies are strong and even hold the world strength records for dogs.

If trained when they are young to be socialized and accept people and children they can do very well as adults. Because of their strength, size and weight it is critical they are trained properly as puppies. They are eager to please their owners and even thought they may not be aggressive they will draw your attention to visitors and with their size they can certainly be a deterrent against unwelcome guests. In a large fenced yard with their own extra large dog house to protect from wind, rain, and extreme heat they can be an effective security system. A giant like that barking and moving towards someone could certainly have them rethinking a home invasion.

As with all pets, proper training is aided when they have their space to go to. A sign that they need to relax and get their 200 pound bodies out of the way. The people in the house will need this, and the dog can benefit from having their own dog house to retreat too as well. A large fenced yard will allow them to stretch and roam and then go back to the comfort of their own home. They are adorable and devoted but this way they will be in place to watch the exterior of the house and hear any sounds and shed and slobber outside for a while.

Source by Steven Barnhart

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