Complete a 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle in 100 Seconds Or Less?

In the puzzle world, expert puzzlers take great pride on not only completing a complicated jigsaw puzzle but finishing the puzzle in as short time as possible. Is it possible to devise a system that allows a beginning puzzler to reduce the time it takes to finish a puzzle? Eventhough, puzzles vary much in the number of pieces, this article focuses on 100 piece jigsaw puzzles, and the steps required to speed up completion time.

The steps that follow are to be used as a personal guideline. Make the needed changes on the steps to suit your personal style.

1. The first step is actually before you set out working on your 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, and this step could be the most essential step. Step one is selecting your puzzle. Selecting a puzzle that will keep you interested the entire time while working is essential. For instance, if you have an interest in puppies but not snakes, it is adviseable not to get a puzzle with the picture of a snake.

2. Step two is lay out the puzzle. Ensure that the spot you choose to work your puzzle is brightly light, clean and dry. Picking an area that would allow your puzzle to be laid out without disturbing any flow of movement and not have to pick up the loose pieces help in successful completion.

3. Step three is sorting the puzzle. Turn up all the pieces face up to make the decoration visible. Segregate the border pieces from the body of the puzzle. The pieces that are mostly made of a certain color should be grouped together as well. If you are completing a puzzle with a puppy, separate all the colors of fur.

4. Step four is when the puzzle is actually begun! Begin by completing the border. Doing this will give you a better orientation when you compare the laid out puzzle with the puzzle picture on the box.

5. Step five is completing the body of the puzzle. The best approach to do this is process one side first then move on to the other side. If you are left-handed, you can begin from the left side and work your way to the opposite side (and vice-versa). Having a system of solving the puzzle will give you some structure in completing the puzzle.

6. Step six is completion of your 100 piece jigsaw puzzle! Bear in mind to take a picture of your accomplishment. If you want to preserve your finished puzzle, local retailers and craft stores sell glue that can be applied to the puzzle to preserve it in completed form.

Although these steps listed may not have allowed you, the puzzler, to complete your 100 piece jigsaw puzzle in 100 seconds or less, the enjoyment that you gain from it is more than enough to try again to better your skill next time.

Source by Derick N Stephens

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