Boxer Dog for Sale: Is It the Right Dog for You?

You are looking for a Boxer dog for sale, but don’t know where to begin. There are, of course, pet stores, and the local animal shelter. The shelter option has appeal because you’d be rescuing a dog. The pet store is convenient.

And then there are the classified ads, offering Boxer dogs for sale. They claim that the animals have all their shots and are AKC registered.

What to do? Well, if your heart is set on a Boxer puppy, you may have to wait a while for one to show up at your animal shelter. The Boxers surrendered for adoption are usually past the puppy stage, and being given up because they were not the best match for their owners. You may find a Boxer dog for sale in you local pet shop, but you may also have to ask them to order one for you.

And if you are going to go to that much trouble, why not find out which nearby kennels have a Boxer dog for sale, so you can meet you prospective new family member in person. You’ll get an idea of the sort of breeder is offering your Boxer dog for sale, and see how the puppies look, behave, and interact with each other and with you.

Anyone with a registered female Boxer can breed her and have Boxer dogs for sale. But only a breeder with an established reputation is going to have someone on staff who can answer all your questions about their dogs’ backgrounds, pedigrees, and possible health or behavioral issues.

When a responsible breeder decides to offer a Boxer dog for sale, you can be sure that the dog involved will be the offspring of parents who have been specifically selected for mating. The breeder will want to make sure that his or her dogs are bred to the highest standards, and away from the genetic weaknesses, of the Boxer breed.

And before a responsible breeder advertises a Boxer dog for sale, the dog will have been given the best health care and nutrition, and enough loving human contact to make sure it is properly socialized. This may take months; a good breeder will make sure his or her puppies are ready to fit happily into the loving homes to which they go.

So a Boxer dog for sale from a recognized breeder, because of the extra care and nurturing it has received, will cost more than one from a pet store. But weighed against the expense of a lifetime of health and temperament problems, it’s a small price to pay!

Source by Rob Bogie

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