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Longtime pet owner will attest all dogs are wonderful. There are no bad dogs and they all deserve love. Additionally, they can give a great deal of love back. So, no matter where you acquire a dog from it can be a wonderful pet. However, basic dog training for owners requires they understand that certain sources for acquiring a dog are very problematic. In a way, purchasing a dog from these sources is a form of rescue since you are taking in a troubled pet from a very brutal environment. But, most people do not realize how damaging these environments are.

There are a number of problems that can result from purchasing a dog from a source of ill repute. Case in point: if you are purchasing from a puppy mill you are taking a huge risk. As the name would imply, a puppy mill is not exactly the best environment for breeding. The goal of the puppy mill is to earn money based on the volume of sales. The puppies produced at a puppy mill are cranked out in an assembly line fashion. Often, they are removed from their mothers too soon, not properly taken care of and bred in unsanitary conditions. As a result, there are a number of negative traits that such a puppy will embody when it gets older. These traits include numerous negative personality issues such as excess aggressiveness or fear. Additionally, the unsanitary conditions can lead to a number of health problems in the dog. As such, it is best not to support puppy mills, irresponsible or inexperienced breeders or any other below board sources. Seriously, they are terrible environments that often run afoul of the law.

As such, “basic dog training for owners” conventional wisdom states it is best to purchase dogs from reputable breeders or state sponsored animal shelters or kennels. When you purchase from these venues they will ensure the dog is free of a number of problems. For example, these venues will make sure all proper shots and medical examinations are performed. Sick animals will be treated not pawned off to an unknowing owner.

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