After Spaying – Single Most Effective Way to Dramatically Speed Up Recovery After Spaying

Do You want to know how to accelerate your pooches recovery time after spaying?

I know what it is like, I have found to spay or neuter your pet is a traumatic experience for both of you! After spaying Jess we had real problems with the wound area, it was red, and sore and you could tell she was distressed. She had also taken to constantly licking at her stitches as well.

How ever I have a Simple Little Secret – That will help aid a rapid recovery and ease the distress after spaying

The secret is an easily purchased oil. Here’s what to do. When you pooch first arrives home after spaying she could well be a bit groggy so make sure she is comfortable with a small amount of dry food and fresh water beside her.

Make sure they are in a quiet warm spot. Do not be tempted to wash her bed so its nice a clean for her return. Familiar smells are important to make her feel at home.

Warning – Then leave her alone do not make a fuss over her.

After 12 – 18 hours your dog will have recovered from the aesthetic and be more herself. Wait a day or so. Then genitally start to apply a small amount of Vitamin E Oil (not cream) to the wound. If she shows signs of distress it might still be a bit tender so stop and try the next day. The Vitamin E Oil will help moisturise the area stopping it from going dry and sore. It will also discourage your friend from licking at her stitches

Source by Michael J Davey

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