What Makes a Bulldog a Great Pet?

Have you been thinking about an English Bulldog for a pet?

Let me explain why a bulldog may just be the right dog for you!

Raising a bulldog is different then raising any other type of dog. English bulldogs need people to care for them. You may have heard it said that the English bulldog breed would be extinct without the help of human beings. This is true simply due to the fact that most have trouble birthing and so need cesarean sections, as well as artificial insemination. Also, they don’t always know what is best for them. They love to lay in the heat, though the heat will kill them, they don’t seem worried to eat if no food is given to them. They count on YOU, their family, their pet owner, to take care of them. It’s not that they aren’t smart because they are very smart…..it’s just that they are tough, very tough and they don’t realize they may have some “needs” that need to be met. They have also been bred from their history of bull baiting to handle a high pain tolerance. Please remember, take care of them if you get one.

They are loving, loyal & yet would fight for you to the death but are by no means violent. If you meet a violent bulldog, then they have been raised that way. Nowadays we have to be careful, though, due to the backyard breeders, inbreeding such as brother to sister, can encourage a violent tendency. Then of course there are the “fighting” dog owners, that try to instill this into our loving breed. But the bulldog is no longer the bull fighter it was raised to be, they are gentle, loving and loyal to the end. Bulldogs love their people, they love children, they love to be part of the family & in the home with their family. They are very intelligent and easy to train when they aren’t in one of their stubborn “bulldog moods”.

They aren’t a dog to play Frisbee at the park with, but they love the park. They aren’t a dog to go jogging with, but they love their walks. They are as cuddly as teddy bears. It took my husband 7 years for me to say OK we could get one because I thought they were expensive & needed too much care.. But I wished I wouldn’t have waited that long. It is important to get a bulldog from a good breeder. More important then with any other dog type out there. There can be a lot of health concerns in this breed, so be sure to look for the “healthy bulldog breeder”.

An English Bulldog must never be chained or live in kennels, because they need temperature control and they desperately need human interaction. They don’t need big houses or big yards, just a fluffy pillow or bed, or if you let them on your couch, well they are good “couch protectors”:)

Bulldogs can easily love to sleep in their crate, or their personal little “den”. They like to have personal time. They are easy to potty train, with a little effort. Dogs in general are actually clean animals and want their sleeping area clean. If you have to leave them for work, just wait for your bulldog wiggle greeting committee. They are sooo happy when you come home to them, and they are just soooo adorable to live with.

And, please, if you notice your bulldog is panting a lot, be sure to get him inside and cooled down immediately! Use cool wet towels around his body, ice in his water. If he doesn’t seem to be calming & cooling, well off to the vet you run!!! Bulldogs cannot take the heat, and I have heard of one too many accidental deaths. Please do not let this be a story of your own.

All in all, the bulldog is a great pal, loving family member, wonderful couch protector, and will be your very best friend if you let them. So if you are thinking about a bulldog for your family, well I hope this helps!

Source by Dee Brock

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