The Catahoulas Leopard Pattern is So Similar to the Leopard

A Catahoula with a light grey or tan coat will usually have spotting almost identical to that of the leopard. This according to Darwinian theory would have been caused by natural selection. In this theory was the result of natural selection in that it is particularly effective camouflage in low-light, overcast conditions.

A good Catahoula or Cata-houla mix should have a short, single coat, medium drop ears, large round feet with thick pads and well defined toes, and have a muscular but athletic build. They should have have deep chests, an obvious tuck at the flank, and fairly long, straight legs.

A Catahoula will often have eyes of two different colors. A Catahoula from working stock usually has the necessary inherent attributes to work regardless of any particular “specialty” of its sire or dam. While some Catahoulas do excel at a particular task, it should not be presumed that their offsprings’ potential working ability is limited in scope.

Sadly, according to an internet posting/we site a catahoula that is predominantly white, or a white faced dog with glass eyes, has an 80% chance of being bi-laterally deaf or unilaterally hearing. This means that the dog will either be deaf in both ears, or, have hearing in only one of its ears.

A Catahoula needs to be work to keep him happy, not everyone will like the high intensity relationship a Catahoula demands. A CLD is first a herding dog. Many of the same traits that make the catahoula an excellent herding dog can be seen in it’s hunting style.

The type of dog breed is not actually a hound. Although many think of this breed as a hound dog. They are curs. Cur breeds were developed first and foremost for their performance, with their working instinct being the first factor a breeder would consider. A medium to medium-large sized, short coated dog, they are powerfully built, but yet fast and agile while trailing in rough terrain and swampy areas.

Their ears should be small and triangular, hanging low and well to the back of the haad. The nose should be slightly upturned at the end of a muzzle that is of equal length to the skull. Early settlers described them as being so poor to eat that you could make not much more than “head sauce” (pronounced sowce and meaning hog head cheese) out of them but they had no meat on their bones.

With thousands of Catahoula Bulldog puppies for sale and hundreds of Catahoula Bulldog dog breeders around the US, just to name one country, you’re sure to find the perfect Catahoula puppy if you look.

Do socialize them while they are puppies though. Without careful socialization, they may be suspicious of everyone, which could lead to biting. Without enough socialization some of these dogs can become fearful of strangers, which can lead to defensive biting.

A fit Catahoula is over fifty pounds of powerful muscle, hair, teeth and claws. We make no apology for pointing out that this is a tautly muscled, rugged and athletic breed, this is a true all purpose breed – as long as they are exercised regularly they will do well for their owner.

Source by Steve Last

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