The Advantages of Having a Delux Electric Ice Crusher

Crushed ice is wonderful to serve in a variety of summer drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, and slush puppies. However, cocktails are in demand throughout the year and not only during the warmer months so bars are under more pressure to serve these drinks all the time. If you have blocks of ice it can be cumbersome and hard work to crush it by hand or with a manually operated machine. Perhaps you’ve considered crushing it manually for individual drinks because a large ice crushing machine will take up too much space in your bar or kitchen. There is a more convenient solution, namely the Delux Electric Ice Crusher.

The Delux Electric Ice Crusher is a small piece of catering equipment that takes up minimal space in a bar. It can be placed on a counter top as it measures only 200 x 230 x 300 millimetres and weighs a mere 5.6 kilograms. You could easily tuck it away in a corner to go to work on its own. However, do not underestimate its power due to its minor stature. This unit has a power output of 0.65 kilowatts and 230 volts which is able to crush up to 10 kilograms of ice in an hour. This may sound like a noisy business but surprisingly it is manufactured to work quietly and quickly. It works at a speedy pace and provides consistent power which is necessary during peak hours. Bars will certainly benefit from this speedy operation during happy hour.

The Delux Electric Ice Crusher is an elegantly designed unit with an adjustable height. It is manufactured with heavy duty steel along with an aluminium base and support that can handle crushing a lot of ice. You add the contents into the top funnel and allow the catering equipment to do its work. It comes with an optional mini 800 millilitre tapered mixing bowl that catches the crushed ice. The tapered edges allow you to easily pour out the contents into a mixing bowl or glass which minimises unnecessary spills.

The Deluxe Electric Ice Crusher is a mighty little piece of catering equipment that is ideal for establishments such as bars and restaurants that serve chilled drinks, cocktails and mocktails throughout the year. It is a reliable machine that will provide you with hours of use and consistent output. This unit will take the pressure off you so that you can focus on other managing activities that require your attention.

Source by Stana Peete

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