Stuffed Animal Storage Can Corral The Plush Toy Herd

Stuffed animal overpopulation has become more of a problem for families of today’s kids. Children have far more toys these days than they had in years past. Where a child might have had a few toys of their own back in the baby boomer era, many modern children can accumulate hundreds of toys.

Between birthday parties, holidays, doctors visits, good grades at school, or performance at a sporting event many parents use a new toy as a reward for even the most mundane of occasions. Modern manufacturing methods have driven the price of a well made stuffed animal down below the ten-dollar mark for many styles and sizes.

New toy makers have followed each other into the collectible toy animal market, hoping to ride the wave created by the makers of the Beanie Babies in the mid Nineties. Suddenly high quality plush toys were hoarded and traded at prices far above their retail value. New stuffed animal companies appeared that offered not just a collectible demand, but also toys that came with their own online world to go with them, all for a price tag typically under ten dollars.

And thus the modern plush animal storage crisis was born. Many families find themselves buried under an avalanche of plush bears, stuffed lions, cuddly kitties, and fluffy puppies. As kids grow older, previously loved stuff animals can become a nuisance.

However, there are many modern innovations in stuffed animal storage that can help in this regard.

Where people used to have toy storage chests or shelves, there are now stuffed animal bean bag style chairs where instead of being filled with beans, you can fill them with your own surplus plush toys. Windows allow a child to see and access the stuffed animals inside, while also providing somewhere to sit comfortably.

Other great options include nets that can be strung in a corner of a kids room to provide a hammock for all their plush dogs and cats. One plush animal storage solution is styled like a display at a zoo, with bars to hold the animals in.

Remember, toy animal overpopulation issues can quickly become a thing of the past with the right storage solution.

Source by Remo Phillips

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