Party Games Using Stuffed Animals

My daughter recently celebrated her birthday and, in honor of turning six, she wanted to have a party with her friends, her stuffed animals, and her friends’ stuffed animals. With her friends bringing their own favorite plush toys, there would be plenty of stuffed animals for everyone to play with together. I realized that this was a great idea, but needed to come up with some games to keep everyone happy and involved.

I made sure to have some extra teddy bears and other plush animals on hand, since, with all of the guests, I knew that somebody would forget their stuffed toy and leave it at home. This proved prudent, since a couple of the girls did forget their toys. One girl left her plush cat in the car when she came to the party and another one simply forget her favorite teddy bear, which was still in her bedroom. Having extra toys on hand prevented anyone from crying or getting too upset. Below are some of the games the kids got to play at the party. You can use these if you wish to hold a party with a similar theme.

Pin the Tail on the Monkey

This game is a simple variation on the classic party game. My daughter has a cute stuffed monkey that gave me the idea for the game. The monkey was as big as any of the girls. I made a big Velcro tail to stick to the back of the monkey and placed the monkey on a hassock facing the wall. The hassock was soft enough so that no participant would wind up with a bruised shin. Each girl was blindfolded and they took turns trying to pin the tail on the stuffed monkey. This game may be played in teams for larger groups or individually. The team that pins the tail on the monkey most often wins. The winner, or winning team, can get a prize. Keep the prize simple so that no one gets upset over losing.

Source by Corina Volegna

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