ACN Team Builders – Communicate!

A fantastic speaker, Dan Clark, gives a great message on the power of effective communication. Apply his principles and you can build a dynamic ACN team.

Communicating successfully is a vital key to your ACN team.

30 minutes late, a little girl walks through her front door. “I’ve been worried sick!” scolds her mother, “Where have you been?!?” The little girl explains that she walked her friend, Mary, home and on the way she dropped her doll on the street and it shattered into pieces. Mom says, “So you stayed to help put the doll back together?!”

“Mommy, I didn’t know how to fix the doll. I just wanted to help Mary cry.”

This is communication!

Sometimes, as an ACN team builder, you need to be that shoulder to cry on. Building a MLM business can be hard sometimes.

There is a story of a fantastic basketball player, in fact the best the state had ever seen. All state 3 years in a row. His mom attended every game. Home and away for 3 years. She was completely blind.

What is the meaning of this story?

Even though she wasn’t able to see him…he could always see her. Even if you aren’t watching your ACN team members, they are always watching you.

With our without words, support is one of the most effective communication tool that we posses.

Two important principles to discuss. Whomever controls the hearts and minds of the people controls the people. Along with whoever asks the questions they also control the conversation.

The media is controlled by 6-8 people according to the book “Hollywood vs America.” They do this by controlling the questions that are asked. They understand that they can control public perception by asking questions to solicit the response they want.

Asking better questions will lead to better answers and that is a fundamental responsibility of an ACN team leader.

By combining the two, controlling the conversation with quality questions and influencing the hearts and mind of the people the you have defined effective communication. A dynamic ACN team builder has the responsibility to see all sides of the story and to check all sources.

To wrap up, a great story that Dan shares is a story that he wrote while in junior high school. This story gets to the bottom line of effective communication and that boils down to one word: understanding.

“Puppies for Sale” hangs in front of a store front. Now, signs like that have a tendency to attract young children. A little boy appears at the front counter of the store asking, “How much are the puppies?”

“Since these are some great puppies,” explains the owner, “they are $35 each.” The little boy pulls out the $2.37 he has in his pocket and asks to see the puppies. The store owner smiles and whistles for the puppies out from the back. Bringing up the rear is a little one with a severe limp.

The little boy asks, “What’s wrong with him?” The store owner explains that the veterinarian discovered the pup was born without a hip socket and it would always limp, it would always be slow.

“That’s the one I want!” exclaims the little boy.

“If you really want him, I’ll just go ahead and give him to you,” says the owner.

This angers the little boy, “No thank you. That dog is worth just as much as any of the others. Don’t just give him to me. I’ll give you my $2.37 now and make payments of 50 cents a month.”

“Naw, this dog will never be able to jump, run and play with you like the others. You don’t want him,” patiently explains the owner.

In response, the little boy reaches down pulls up his pant leg to reveal a badly twisted leg supported by a large steel leg brace. The little physically challenged boy looks up at the store owner and says, “Well sir, I don’t really run too well myself and that little puppy will need someone who understands.”

Source by Ian J Fitzpatrick

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