What to Look For in a Toy Poodle Breeder

There are endless resources to find a great toy poodle breeder. You can search the web, visit poodle shows or look in the newspaper. However, you want to get a poodle that is happy and has a great genetic disposition. Therefore, you want to remember the qualities you desire most in a toy poodle. The most obvious qualities are color, sex, age and size. But, what you really want to look for is a breeder who is dedicated in early socialization. If a puppy is removed from his mother and littermates before eight weeks of age, he can be deprived of learning valuable social skills. By eight weeks of age a puppy should have received the puppies first set of vaccinations and de-worming. If puppies are being sold before eight weeks it’s a red flag.

Choose a breeder who provides a clean and safe environment for their puppies to live in. If puppies are living in unsanitary conditions they’re prone to health problems. Once you have determined the puppies have been living in clean environments, you should ask to see the parents. The parents will demonstrate characteristics the puppy will inherit.

A breeder who is concerned with the quality of the puppies they produce will register their dogs with a well known registry. A breeder will have pedigree records available for your puppy you’re purchasing. The pedigree of the puppy will show the puppy’s family history and you will be able to see if any inbreeding happened. Inbreeding can increase a dog’s chance of genetic defects. Therefore, you want to look for a breeder who has papers for a puppy.

Reputable breeders want to know about the family who is adopting the puppy. The breeder will be looking in the best interest of the puppy that is being placed in the family’s home. Most concerned breeders will offer health guarantees, which are valuable for puppy buyers. A health guarantee will guarantee the puppies health for a certain period of time.

Source by Rosie Berry

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