Easing Puppy Whining – How to Stop a Beagle Puppy From Whining

There is nothing more ear-shattering than a whining Beagle puppy that won’t stop. When you get to a point where you refuse to invite people over your home, you know it has gone too far. Have the peace and tranquility you deserve. Learn how to silence a whining Beagle puppy once and for all:

o The worst thing to do is respond to your puppy’s whining. If you have crated him/her or left them in a separate room, they will whine at first. What you have to do is completely ignore it. The minute you enter the room, you are showing the puppy that whining will make you return. Beagles are very smart and should respond well to this.

o Bring your puppy out the same times each day at key times: after meals, when they wake up in the morning, when they wake up at night, and after they have been alone for a long period of time.

o Train your puppy to stop whining. Practice entering the room immediately after he/she stops. This will show the puppy that you will return if he/she stops. They will begin to see being quiet as something that is rewarded.

o Put one of your soiled shirts in the crate or room with the pup. This will remind him/her of you and make the puppy feel more secure.

o You can try to create a makeshift noisemaker. Take an empty can and fill it with coins. Each time the Beagle puppy starts to whine, shake the noisemaker. The puppy will not like the sound and start to believe that whining brings about that horrible sound.

o Another thing that works is a radio. Sometimes puppies respond very well to a radio on low. This will provide sound so that your puppy believes he/she is not alone.

Source by Jeremy Hoffman

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