Crate Training Staffy Puppy’s: 2 Reasons Why You Must Do It

Crate training is becoming popular as the must do thing when training a new puppy. Staffy puppies are one of the most popular dogs around and take well to living in a crate during their first months in a new home. Crate training has 2 distinct advantages when bringing up a young Staffy.

1. Security and Mimicking their Den

The general idea is that your puppy or dog is contained and starts to appreciate their boundaries. Staffys are affectionate dogs. As any owner will know that is an understatement. Yet there are many advantages in using a crate to establish control. Especially with a strong willed dog like a Staffy.

Points to consider is that the crate should not be used as punishment instead it needs to be a safe haven for them.

Staffys are part of the terrier breed and as a result like to stay enclosed. In the wild they will often bury themselves under leaves to feel warm and safe.

To some extent the crate mimics’ this. Giving your Staffy a sense of warm and safety.

2. Toilet or Potty Training

The other aspect that works well with a crate is that generally animal do not like to soil in their sleeping area. Using a crate can really help toilet training your Staffy puppy. You can establish an excellent routine with them by putting them into their crate at certain times of the day or night.

Crates are well worth the investment. You can continue using them forever or they can also double as a safe and secure transport method for your car.

Source by Den Oyston

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