Beagle Dog Potty Training

It is often that beagle potty training is one of the aspects included in pet ownership that people fear of. During the potty training, it is obviously a challenging task for your patience and tolerance for your beagle dog if the task isn’t taken responsibly. The steps should be taken with positive reinforcement and as earlier as possible.

Make training positive:

Puppies are like young explorer, and always want to have fun and don’t want to be in discipline. You probably shouldn’t raise your voice to young puppies as it only installs a felling of fear as well as bring a negative association for the action he has done. As instance, if your puppy has an accident inside the house, never raise your voice, but instead you can tell a firm “No” to your puppy along with other words like “oopps”. Still the dog doesn’t respond to your nature of voice, take him outside. But still you dog will make some association with what he has just done inside the house and when he is out.

You have to make a routine to take your dog out of the house whenever he wakes up early in the morning.Make this as a type of game making your beagle to run out of the house. You can say “come on! Let’s go out!” Beagle puppies are so influential with the enthusiasm that they are likely to follow you as you go out of the house with the dog. Once the dog is outside the house, he will be sure about what to do there.

Know the signal of your beagle:

The training session must be smoother as to help your beagle during the training period. It is important to take a close observation on the dog and their signals that they will be displaying before urging to go for potty in the house. Many puppies will start to whine, some will sniff around the ground for the right place, and some will even go to the corner hidden place. Watch close to their signals so that you will be able to intervene it and take your beagle out of the house quickly.

It won’t take long time before your dog will be directly looking at you and giving a signal to go out for emptying their bowls.

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