Aggression in Your Puggle Puppy? Don’t Worry! These Steps Are Sure to Help!

Puggle puppies get their sweet, intelligent and loving behaviors from their Pug and Beagle ancestors. But just like any other breed, Puggles can show signs of aggression to their family, other dogs and strangers. Here are some key points to help get rid of those unwanted behaviors!

1.As a puppy, growling and snipping can be cute little behaviors but the more you allow these behaviors to occur, the quicker they can become habits and behaviors that are even harder to get rid of. Most dogs show signs of aggression toward their owners to assert themselves as the alpha over their owner. You must let your dog know that you are the pack leader and what you say goes – not the other way around. When your Puggle puppy knows that you are the leader, he will feel more secure and the aggression should subside.

2.Food aggression is a very common problem that usually doesn’t start until puppies are a bit older. However, no matter what age your puppy starts to show signs of aggression over his food, toys or treats, you must show him this is not acceptable. The alpha dog in the pack is always the first to eat and also controls who eats and when as well. Keep your Puggle puppy in another room while you are preparing his food so that he cannot become bossy by jumping or barking. When you are ready, call him to his eating area and make him sit quietly for at least 5 seconds before you give him his food. This will show him that you are in control of the food supply, therefore you are alpha and deserve respect.

3.No matter what you do, you cannot let your Puggle puppy think that his aggressive behavior is acceptable in any way. As soon as he shows signs of aggression, you must immediately tell him “no” in a loud, harsh tone so that he knows those behaviors will not be allowed.

Source by Kathleen Chester

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