Puggle Puppies – How to Prevent Them From Digging

Puggle puppies are so cute, and getting a new puppy is very exciting, but that digging sure can be a menace! Unfortunately, digging comes along with the puggle territory, especially when they are in the puppy stage. The good news is that there are some things you can do to prevent this destructive behavior.

One of the most important keys is keeping your puggle entertained. They tend to dig when they are bored or have been pent up too long. Dogs also have a natural urge to want to bury things as it is part of their survival instincts.

Even though many puggle puppies have a digging problem, there is no “one size fits all” approach to eliminating the behavior. You might have to do some trial and error before you find the solution that works best with your pet.

Your first step should probably be to make sure your puggle puppy is getting enough exercise. This can be difficult if you’re trying to crate train because there will be a certain amount of time where your dog is cooped up. Just make sure that your little one is able to go outside and play frequently while you monitor to watch for digging.

Another solution is to play inside. If you have some space you can play some indoor games with your pup to keep him stimulated. Going for long walks is another piece of the puzzle to get rid of that pent up energy that can lead to digging.

Many puggle owners are confused about how much playtime their dog needs. After all, we can’t all devote hours upon hours to puppy playtime each day. As a general rule, your puggle will need a couple hours of exercise each day in its puppy years. Mix this throughout the day and it will be easy and fun for everyone.

This solution will not always get rid of all digging behavior, so if it doesn’t improve you’ll need to add other methods. It’s important to make sure you are praising their good behavior so they know what is acceptable. Your dog wants your approval and will work hard to get it.

Puggle owners have even come up with creative ways to eliminate digging for those trickier cases. Some suggest squirting the puppy with water when it’s digging. Others suggest filling the holes with something undesirable like cayenne pepper. Still others have had a lot of success by actually allowing their dog to dig in just one area of the yard. All other areas are off-limits. This seems to satisfy the natural tendency, but keep some order at the same time.

Preventing your puggle puppy from digging is very important if you want to make sure your dog remains obedient and your yard is kept intact. Always make sure your puggle is getting plenty of exercise, but you may need to experiment with other methods as well.

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