A Guide to Raising Boxer Puppies

Raising boxer puppies isn’t as hard as you may think. First you must have already made up your mind that the boxer dog breed is the prefect companion for your family and so you might be looking for different sources where you can purchase a cute boxer puppy. However before you buy your boxer puppy that is some important information about the boxer dogs that you should know. Make sure you are familiar with this information before purchasing your boxer puppy as it will help you make the right decision as to weather it will be suitable to you and your family.

Important Stages of Boxer Puppies

You will surely want your boxer puppy to grow up in a well adjusted, protective, affectionate and in a well disciplined environment. Therefore in order to accomplish this you should be aware of the certain key stages in the boxer dog’s growth and should adjust accordingly.

4 week old boxer puppy: This would be the time of canine socialization and awareness. It is important that the boxer puppies stay with their littermates and parents during this particular period as they would learn a great deal of basic training from their parents. They would also learn and become more disciplined from their mothers.

When the boxer puppy reaches nearly 8 to 10 weeks of age it would be the fear imprint period of their life. Although most of the boxer dog puppies do move away from their parents or mothers to start a life at a home at this time, it is actually important to try and avoid frightening them. You should avoid painful or traumatic experiences like being left outside, away from everyone and for a long time and even falling off from the basement steps can have a much profound effect on the boxer puppy.

Most of the people call the boxer dogs as the age of cutting when the puppy becomes 13 to 16 weeks old. Boxer puppies start cutting their teeth and cutting their apron strings at this particular time and try to be independent. At this stage it is important to remember that their biting is a sign of supremacy and so you should not allow a boxer puppy to bite even though they are very playful. At this time it is recommended and appropriate that the boxer puppies attend boxer training classes as it would help in establishing socialization skills and also establish leadership skills.

When the boxer puppy reaches 4 to 8 months old, it would be the time when the boxer puppy will be more instinct to run, chew and play around with you. At this stage make sure that you have either nylabones or real raw bones handy for chewing. You should also try keeping puppies leashes during this time so that you can properly handle the puppy.

However when the boxer puppy reaches 6 months to 14 months of age they would be a bit fearful to new people and situations. Remember not to force your boxer into new situations. When you follow these guidelines and change according to the age stages of the boxer puppy it would be better and easier for raising boxer puppies.

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