Top Bulldogs Breeds

There are a number of different dog breeds you can choose from when welcoming a new puppy into the home. There are also a number of important factors to take into consideration to ensure the dog you choose blends in with your family, is good with your children and will accept other pets.

As with any dog, bulldogs breeds temperaments are based on the home they grow up in. A dog brought up in a family environment which has children running around and a number of other pets will be a great family pet, trusted with children and relaxed when surrounded by other animals.

There are a number of bulldogs breeds to choose from, with the most common choice being the English bulldog. English bulldogs are gentle, loyal and friendly dogs, but they do have a stubborn side that you need to be aware of. Their stubbornness can make training rather daunting, frustrating and taxing. These dogs are great family pets, getting on well with children and other animals. They are indoor dogs and tend to suffer with the heat, overheating is a common problem. They have a short, smooth coat, making them easy to care for with regular brushing.

Another common bulldog is the American bulldog. These are larger than the English bulldogs, but are also very devoted, loving and loyal dogs. They are high energy pets and are very athletic, loving long walks, games and outdoor play. This particular bulldog breed is fantastic with children and have proven to be outstanding hunters. They are very powerful and agile and protective over their family. These dogs have a short coat which requires regular brushing.

The Pit Bull is a very common dog that has a bad reputation among dog owners. The fact of the matter is that these are actually very loving and intelligent dogs that have a rather strong protective side. They make fantastic working and companion dogs and are full of energy. It is imperative when bringing a pit bull home that you socialize them early with other dogs and children to reduce the risk of them turning later on. They have a thick coat of short hair.

The French Bulldog is another of the bulldog breeds which have gained popularity with families around the world. Unlike the English bulldog, these are smaller in size and are playful balls of fun that have a good nature and are very affectionate. They have big ears, which has it’s benefits, making them great watchdogs. These small and intelligent dogs are easy to train and are fantastic with children. They have a short and smooth coat and come in a choice of different colors.

The Olde English Bulldog is not a very common choice of bulldog breeds, but it is a beautiful dog, looking similar to the English bulldog. The Olde English bulldog is larger in size making a medium to large sized adult that has a big head and muscular body. These are loyal and outgoing dogs that are very trustworthy, making them ideal family pets. They also have a short coat making grooming a quick and easy task.

The Bull Terrier often falls into the bulldogs breeds category. Many pet owners are concerned about this breed, but that could be the look of their faces which is elongated with slit eyes. These dogs are actually very affectionate and exceptionally loyal to their family. They are funny, but remain strong willed. They are not a good choice for a first time dog owner and it’s important if you are introducing the dog to a family environment that they are socialized with children from an early age.

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