New Welsh Springer Spaniel – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting a New Welsh Springer Spaniel

Breed Description

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a compact medium-sized dog with sturdy and stocky appearance. They appear to be positioned much lower to the ground than they are since their straight to shaggy hair are longer on the chest, neck, and the lower sides. These sporting dogs usually stand about 17 inches tall at the shoulder, and weigh between 30-40 pounds.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a coat that is naturally straight and soft to touch. It is never wavy nor does wiry with waterproof features that protect these dogs from all kinds of bushes and thorns. They only come in red-and-white colors, and any pattern is permissible by the breed standards.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a highly energetic breed that is naturally lively. They would require a lot of exercise off-leash, preferably with a large open space. They do quite well in an apartment dwelling if they are provided with sufficient exercise. They can be relatively active indoors, and would enjoy play sessions with family. These spaniels excel in retrieving, tracking, swimming, and hunting. If not exercised properly, they would become lazy, overweight, and bored.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an affectionate, loyal, and active breed. Some have been known to be reserved around strangers, but never timid, unfriendly, nor shy. They are known for being highly affectionate to family, particularly children. They also get along well with other household pets, and would play and befriend them. They tend to be clingy toward their masters, and love the company of children.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is among the breed of dogs that has been popular across Europe and North America due to their cheerful personalities and trainability. These traditional hunting dogs are among the oldest hunting dogs, which were originally used to mobilize toward the net and find hunting.


Welsh Springer Spaniels thick coat can become a problem if not cared for. They should periodically be checked for parasites and burs including ticks if they are living in rural places. They should also be brushed occasionally especially if they are to spend their time inside the home. Clipping should be considered during summer time to keep them from overheating.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a versatile dog that is willing to learn but tend to be headstrong. They would require basic obedience and early socialization to avoid a dominant and timid dog. They particularly love to hunt, so training in this sport is advisable to keep these dogs from roaming. As with the other entire dog breeds, training must be done with consistency, firmness, and fairness.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a highly devoted breed that has a soft-eyed loyalty just like the other spaniels. These highly spirited dogs are good-natured companions. They are generally people-oriented dogs, but tend to be slightly reserved around strangers. They are never aggressive, and would be suitable for families with children and household pets.

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