Characteristics Of Puggle Puppies

Some people seem to think there is no difference between a hybrid and a mutt, but this is simply not the case. A mutt is generally a dog where it has an unknown percentage of a variety of different breeds of dog, while a hybrid is an intentional mix of two purebreds. For example, Puggles puppies are created from a purebred Beagle mother and a Pug father, or the other way around. Generally, when you are looking to find a Puggle for sale, you will encounter more Pug fathers than Pug mothers involved in the breeding of the hybrid. The reason for this is that there can be some problems during birth or a Pug mother due to the difference in size between the two different breeds of dog. Both of these breeds of dog are a symbol of loyalty and always come kind-natured, so there is no reason to think a combination of the two wouldn’t create the same results.

Puggle puppies are great with children because they are very playful while not being too large. Larger dogs can tend to cause dangerous problems for small children, which is why a smaller dog is always a better option is you have young kids in your home. Puggle puppies are all about doing what is best for their owner, so they are generally pretty easy to train. They don’t get too stubborn like some other breeds of dog, which is very appreciated during the entire training process.

When you teach your Puggle something new, they will gladly do it on command for you until the end of time because they love making the people around them happy. You may have a bit of trouble finding many choices when you are looking for the right Puggle for sale because there aren’t many Puggle puppies to go around right now. They aren’t a fully recognized breed of dog by some of the national associations, so that is why they can be sometimes hard to find. The Puggle isn’t a completely new breed of dog as it has been around for over a decade now, but the recent gain in popularity is what has really brought attention to this breed.

Puggle puppies come with a lot of intelligence and energy. This is the perfect combination because sometimes a breed of dog is smart enough to learn new tricks, but they are just too lazy to do it. When looking for the perfect Puggle for sale, you can expect that puppy to grow to about thirty pounds at the most and they usually get to at least ten inches at shoulder height. They are fairly easy to train because of the amount of energy they have, so they are always up for a walk or some play time with their owner. Puggles also crave attention from people, so they love to snuggle and lay on the couch during the day sometimes too. This breed of dog really does everything you would want in a pet.

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