Boston Terrier Dog Breed Profile


Description: The Boston Terrier is a small, compact, muscular dog. It weighs between 17 and 25 pounds and is 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder. The Boston Terrier has a short, neat coat colored in seal, brindle, or black with white markings. This dog has a square head with medium-sized upright ears. The tail is naturally short and does not need to be docked. This is a very intelligent and sensitive breed and can be trained easily. Happily, this dog can live for 15 years or longer. It is also called the Boston Bull or the Boston Bull Terrier.

History: Not many dogs originated in the United States, but the Boston is one of them. The Boston Terrier was much larger to start, up to 45 pounds, and was used in pit dog fighting. It was developed originally as a cross between the English White Terrier (extinct) and the Old English Bulldog. This activity was left behind when Robert Hooper of Boston, bred the fighting dog with the amiable French Bulldog. The dog’s size diminished and its disposition improved with further selective breeding.

Temperament: The Boston Terrier is a very gentle and amiable dog that makes an excellent companion. The Boston is very affectionate and loves to take part in all family activities. It gets along well with children, but should be supervised when around very young children. Other dogs and family pets are accepted by the Boston. It is an alert dog and is a good watchdog. The Boston is an enthusiastic dog and has a good sense of humor.

Health Issues: As the Boston Terrier is a short-faced (brachycephalic) breed, breathing problems and heat stress should always be borne in mind. This dog will snore and can suffer from reverse snoring, a snort attack. This condition is harmless, but sometimes alarming to the owner. The trachea is sometimes narrow, which can contribute to these problems. The Boston can also suffer from kneecap problems and heart disease. Skin tumors are common in this dog. The puppies must often be delivered by caesarean section because of the size of the pup’s head.

Grooming: Because the Boston Terrier has a short coat, grooming is simple. A weekly brushing will keep the coat glossy and control shedding. Do not bathe this dog too often. The eyes should be examined and cleaned every day as should the facial wrinkles. If the Boston has been playing outside, check the dog for ticks.

Living Conditions: The Boston Terrier is a house and lap dog. It is an excellent companion and needs to be close to the human friends with whom it has bonded. Although they are playful, the Boston Terrier is not rambunctious inside. It identifies with the family and should be a part of the household. It cannot live outside, in any case. As this dog is fairly lively, it does benefit from a daily walk to help burn off excess energy. Remember to suspend the walks during hot weather.

Source by Scott Allan Lipe

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